Group of Examiners gathered at the 2008 Performance Excellence Symposium

List of Examiners


Step 1

Review examiner training materials on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program website. Washington state examiners receive the same training and use the same materials as the national program.

Step 2

Email WSQA at, call the office or mail your registration check of $300 with a letter stating your intent to attend. The application will be e-mailed and signatures will be obtained in training.


If you have any questions, please contact WSQA at 253-277-1142

Step 3

Pay examiner fee by check or credit card.

Examiner Training Fee: $300.000

Option 1: To pay with a credit card, please call (253) 277-1142 or 541-944-5305.

Option 3: Checks can be mailed to:

Washington State Quality Award Program

PO Box 5941

Kent, WA 98064-5941

Step 4

Training materials will be available electronically.