Established in 1994 by Senate Bill 6220, the Washington State Quality Award (WSQA) champions the concepts and tools of the Baldrige Criteria as a strategic approach to excellence. The WSQA is patterned after the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and utilizes this model as the primary standard for performance evaluation and improvement.  The WSQA is one of approximately 36 state programs in the nation.

The Washington State Quality Award is awarded to organizations that have implemented and achieved exceptional quality performance. These organizations are seen as models for organizations throughout Washington and the nation who seek the same results.

The WSQA is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that operates with 2 full time equivalent employees and over 200 volunteers. Our volunteers represent all sectors across the state of Washington and make up the WSQA Board of Directors, examiners, mentors, and panel of judges. This core group of volunteers makes it possible for WSQA to be a successful program.   

Core services of WSQA include workshops, symposiums and conferences, online survey tools, presentations and the award process.

Each year the program office receives applications for the WSQA from organizations who seek feedback and recognition for the efforts they have made in achieving performance excellence. Each individual application is subjected to a thorough and intensive evaluation and scoring process by the Board of Examiners. This process leads to the decision of the organization receiving a site visit, which then results in the decision for award recognition.