WSQA supports legislation which encourages excellence in organizations throughout Washington.

During the legislative session, this page is updated with information on how you can get involved.



WSQA is dedicated to keeping those interested in performance excellence and want to be a part of making Washington State a better place to live, learn and work by helping organizations achieve superior results through the use of the Criteria for Performance Excellence. This page contains past legislation as well as current legislation including ways in which you can support this legislation.

WSQA Statute

The following legislation contains portions which pertain to WSQA.  Interested persons are encouraged to visit the state legislation website at to obtain full copies of the pertinent legislation. Here you can find the link to the first RCW that lead to the creation of WSQA.

RCW 43.06.335 , 1993-1994

RCW 43.06.335 2000

RCW 43.17.380-390, 2005

RCW 43.185C.210, 2008