NCPE LogoThe National Council for Performance Excellence (NCPE) is an internationally recognized organization established to provide organizations with tools to measure organizational performance management systems and to implement continuous improvement initiatives according to the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

The self-assessment survey measures performance on a wide range of key organizational performance indicators and helps to evaluate key processes, systems and results. By obtaining input from a cross section of functions, locations, and levels throughout an organization, a performance profile can be developed, which not only identifies organizational strengths and pinpoints vital opportunities for improvement, but deployment gaps as well.

Organizational Assessment Survey

Baldrige Explorer is a comprehensive self-assessment survey based on a Likert scale with behavioral anchors for a more accurate scoring and reporting process. The Explorer survey is preferred by organizations who have experience in the Baldrige process.

Baldrige Express is an easy-to-read self-assessment survey based on a Likert maturity scale. The Express gives all employees an opportunity to get involved in the survey process. The Express survey is recommended for organizations beginning in the Baldrige process.

Organizational Assessment Survey Benefits

Receive Valuable Feedback

The Performance Indicator Feedback Report provided upon completion of the Organizational Assessment Survey provides reliable, accurate data in an easy to understand format. The report is a detailed analytical tool used by organizations for planning and identification of the vital few areas in need of improvement.

The National Baldrige scoring system is used in all calculations to give organizations a realistic snapshot of their status according to the Criteria. The Performance Indicator Feedback Report has been effectively used as an analytical tool by examiners assessing organizations that are applying for internal, state level, and National Baldrige awards.

Performance Indicator Feedback Report Benefits

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